Mural & Books in Peachtree Hills Park

By | October 12, 2016

The pet mural has been finished for months.  I got the Parks Dept. to agree to install it on the Rec. Center (which they have done in other parks). When they assessed the building, they decided it needed to be painted first. That was weeks ago & when I asked for a status update, they said that now they need to “find the money” to paint the building.  I’ve done all I can. If you’d like to see the mural installed in your lifetime, contact Parks Director Doug Voss ( If he can’t help, contact Parks Commissioner Amy Phuong (  PS- if you’ve been following local news, you’ll see that other Atlanta parks are enjoying significant investment from the City…


The Little Free Library is a hit! So much so, that we need YOU to donate books. So, stop by & share!


Betty Hanacek, Chair, Friends of Peachtree Hills Park

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