Follow-up to developer removing trees from the park

By | February 21, 2017

Wow! Parks Arborist Chris Kallio received emails from 2 dozen of you about the developer next to the park cutting down trees in the park in order to install a pipe to send storm water overflow from the property into the creek! If you haven’t received a response from him,  or want an update, contact Chris @; 404-546-6813.

Betty,  Chair, Friends of Peachtree Hills Park




One thought on “Follow-up to developer removing trees from the park

  1. Ken Hoogs

    we live downstream, and also know the park and hills neighborhood well. suggest developer store the water and use infiltration under their parking lots, like a Publix. ANY additional stormwater into Peachtree affects watershed and is worst of its kind in USA – ask USGS. Creek banks on our property miles away have eroded dozens of feet on each side, times 200+ ft in length, times 18 ft high, lost dozens of 100-ft tall trees, due to this carelessness. In just 10 years. Millions in damage. It violates Consent Decree, and city is being investigated for this by EPA OIG. EPD is at fault, lazy, being investigated. Greenway Acquisition properties are protected, city has to repair. Large easement document. What they are doing is illegal. I called Parks and left VM.


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