Let’s Meet!

It’s time to plan for great things in 2019! Join us at Whitehall Tavern (Peachtree Battle Shopping Center) at 7pm on Tuesday January 15. Come have dinner before (or during) the meeting since Whitehall is giving us a10% discount! Betty H. is stepping down as Chair and one of our most active volunteers wants to assume that role. Another member who loves to remove invasive plants wants to be Volunteer Coordinator, and Ron L. wants to remain as webmaster. We need a Secretary to take meeting notes a few times a year, so let us know using the Contact Us form if you’re interested.  And yes, we’ll vote on all this to make it official.

Membership Is Crucial!

We had more ACTIVE (dues-paying, volunteering) members in 2018 than in past years. Let’s keep the momentum going as we enter 2019- and seek Parks Department support for our efforts. Go here to join or renew your membership.

On that note-Betty has been Chair of the Friends of Peachtree Hills Park for a long time and am sure that one of you would love to assume this role or other leadership positions (Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraiser, Event Planner, etc.). So- please let Betty know how you’d like to increase your involvement in 2019! And as always- thanks for all you do for your park!

Thanks for Your Ideas!

From Betty:  Last newsletter, I asked what park improvements you’d like to see in 2019. In addition to previous suggestions (replace the bridge from the parking lot; create a 1/4 mile walking trail; repaint the mural on the tennis court backstop; add to/replace the 15 year old playground) you said: install a splash pad, create a dog run west of sports field, and plant trees.  Except for the mural and trees, whatever we do will cost much more than what’s in our account. We’ve successfully fundraised before (grants, donations) and can do it again if there is sufficient passion for the project. Since the City owns the park, there is a lengthy approval and permitting process and folks who want the improvement will have to manage that and help with fundraising. (I’ve done both several times and will offer guidance).

The Park Needs Your Help!

We’ve reported this wall for two years and it’s still broken. Our Recreation Center offers no programs for neighbors and if we want to meet there we are charged a fee (while folks from other counties use the gym for free). The Parks Department let a developer remove multiple trees.

But there’s hope! The City of Atlanta will soon hire a new Parks and Recreation Commissioner. This is OUR opportunity to advocate for our park, but to be taken seriously we need to have a large active membership. So, PLEASE be a hero and join/renew today!