Let’s Get This Fixed

Over a year ago the Parks Department let the developer next to the park remove trees to make it easier and cheaper for them to install a storm water overflow pipe through the park. In addition to other requirements, the developer was to repave the parking lot and paint the Recreation Center. If you’ve visited the park lately, you know that hasn’t happened. Contact Parks Department architect Keith Hicks (404.546.6865, kjhicks@atlantaga.gov) to find out when this will finally happen.

The Park Needs Your Help!

We’ve reported this wall for two years and it’s still broken. Our Recreation Center offers no programs for neighbors and if we want to meet there we are charged a fee (while folks from other counties use the gym for free). The Parks Department let a developer remove multiple trees.

But there’s hope! The City of Atlanta will soon hire a new Parks and Recreation Commissioner. This is OUR opportunity to advocate for our park, but to be taken seriously we need to have a large active membership. So, PLEASE be a hero and join/renew today!

Wall finally to be fixed…not!

crumbling playground wall

Correction:  As of June 2, 2018, over a year since it was reported, the wall still hasn’t been repaired!

After over a year and multiple requests, the Parks Department has hired a contractor to fix the playground wall. If YOU notice an issue, contact Parks Customer Service at: parkscustomerservice@atlantaga.gov or (404) 546-6813. Put the # in your phone; if after hours you can leave a message.

Mission accomplished: Friends of Peachtree Hills Park move mountains …

… of wood chips.

In response to a call to action from Betty to “Save your shoes!” from the mud that, of late, starts from the Hurst entrance of the park and extends to the parking lot, 7 Friends of Peachtree Hills Park spread wood chips from the twin peaks of mulch behind the rec center along the trail to Hurst.

Check out the Facebook photo album for pictures of these Friends in action.

Follow-up to developer removing trees from the park

Wow! Parks Arborist Chris Kallio received emails from 2 dozen of you about the developer next to the park cutting down trees in the park in order to install a pipe to send storm water overflow from the property into the creek! If you haven’t received a response from him,  or want an update, contact Chris @ cjkallio@atlantaga.gov; 404-546-6813.

Betty,  Chair, Friends of Peachtree Hills Park


Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1iXs1X3


Help save the trees and the creek in Peachtree Hills Park

The developer next to the park is planning to cut down trees in our park in order to install a pipe to send storm water overflow from the property into the creek. Parks arborist Chris Kallio believes this is not necessary, but needs your support to get the developer to consider alternatives. To save the trees, contact Chris at cjkallio@atlantaga.gov or 404-546-6813. Emails matter-without your support the trees will soon be gone!